B. 1977 FRANCE

Ugo's works are evidence of an available and universal ecstatic human state - pieces of a place not exclusive to him, but capable and accessible to all of us when we are at our best, creating and cultivating within our purpose. 


Ugo Nonis is a storyteller. His paintings speak. Using an array of acrylic, oil and spray paints, each of his works are a telling - he is a lover after all, a sponge, influenced and touched by everything around him past, present and future. Equally fascinating is his creative process.  When it comes time to paint, Nonis remains in a constant state of awe, surrendering to the mystery of true art making. His renderings are often pieces of a place that great artists, athletes, performers, scholars, CEOs and so on have spoken of before, but that science now calls flow state. It is inherent to Nonis as he works, "I use tools like surfing, meditation and breathwork when I am not painting to remind me of that place. When I paint, time is different, designs and images effortlessly flow through me.