B.1969 USA

Tricia Strickfaden's newest Urban Organic, Free Organics and Modernist series show mid-century modern influences, in vibrant colors with fluid, organic and geometric shapes combined with linework. The pieces show principles of modern design, composition and texture, translucent and opaque color, in a mix of materials.


Tricia Strickfaden is an abstract expressionist modern artist. She worked in interior design industry for many years, but didn’t begin painting until after the birth of her daughter.  While working as a designer, she continued to evolve as an artist and build her following. LA’s hip and urban lifestyle would have a huge effect on her modern art, translating into the Urban Organics and Black and White series. Her background in modern design and interiors is evident in her work with the use of color inspired by the California lifestyle, implementation of organic gestured forms, and modern minimalistic shapes. She works with the push and pull of design elements and layering of color palettes to keep the work refreshing and real.