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B. 1975 CANADA

It is my hope that this series of work may act as a jumping off point for the viewer. I seek to provide a visual journey that challenges my audience to determine the meaning and significance of the work based on their own thoughts, values and experiences.


Using specially developed spreaders, Tim moves dense gel across a smooth panel. He focuses on moving the viewers eye through the composition as if they were a vehicle looking for just the right off ramp to home. Gestural twists and turns take his audience through a web of thick and thin lines. A sense of kinetic energy brings the paintings surface to life in an almost topographical fashion.





1994 – 1999 BFA  University of Calgary – Calgary, Canada

1999 – 2001 MFA   University of Connecticut – Storrs, CT


Preservation. April 1 to June 30, Devo Gallery – Calgary, Canada
Tomfoolery. January 13 to February 17, Norwalk Community College Art Gallery – Norwalk, CT Anomaly. September 1 to October 1, Quinebaug Valley Community College – Danielson, CT Anomalies and other Oddities. February 3 to March 23, (Project Room)

Artspace – New Haven, CT

CAA - MFA Exhibition. February to March, Hunter College – NYC, NY
A History of Being Here (MFA Thesis Exhibition). April 28 to June 1, William Benton Museum of Art –

Storrs, CT

Prescient Then and Now: The Resonance of Support/Surface (Curated by Saul Ostrow). May 19 to July 3, Dorsky Gallery - Long Island City / Queens, NY

A Drawing Show (Curated by Susan Hardesty). June 7 to August 24, Norwalk Community College Art Gallery – Norwalk, CT

Faculty Exhibition. Jan 20 to Feb 27, Quinebaug Valley Community College Gallery of Art – Danielson, CT Real pARTY Fundraising Exhibition. April 14, Real Art Ways – Hartford, CT
Focus New Haven. Jan 17 to March 1, Paper New England – Hartford, CT
ConnCentric. October 2 to Dec 13, Artspace – New Haven, CT

Scrawl (Curated by Martha Lewis), March 25 reveal, Artspace – New Haven, CT Construction Sights. August 1 to Sept 10, Artspace - New Haven, CT
Tim Nikiforuk & Blinn Jacobs. March 20 to June 15, Gallery 195 - New Haven, CT


2012 Micro - Macro. March 27 to April 3, Margaret L. MacDonough Art Gallery: Albertus Magnus College New Haven, CT

2012 Shiny Pop. April 6 to April 28, Artspace - New Haven, CT
2014 Slight of Hand (Curated by Laura Marsh), March 6 to March 21, Seton Gallery: University of New Haven -

West Haven, CT

  1. 2014  Paradigm Shift (Curated by Fritz Horstman), April 4 to April 26, Artspace - New Haven, CT

  2. 2015  Cloud 9. April 25, Artspace - New Haven, CT

  3. 2016  Back to the Future, April 30, Artspace - New Haven, CT

2016 In Practice (Curated by Laura Marsh), September 27 to November 14, (Seton Gallery) University of New Haven - West Haven, CT

2019 Reading Between the Lines , August 24 to September 1, Krause Gallery - New York, NY

  1. 2019  New Era, November 22 to December 21, Galerie Robertson Ares - Montreal, Canada

  2. 2020  Emerging to Established, January 9 to February 28, Krause Gallery - New York, NY

  1. 2020  From Chaos to Order: Making Our Way In The New World Of Covid-19, July 1 to August 23, The Delaware Contemporary - Wilmington, DE

  2. 2021  Emerging to Established, January 8 to February 28, Krause Gallery - New York, NY

  1. 2021  Trunk Show, November 7 to November 11, Simonbreitbard Fine Arts - San Francisco, CA

  2. 2022  On Cloud 9, February 19 to March 26, Laura Rathe Fine Art - Dallas, TX


2019 AAF New York City @ The Metropolitan Pavilion, March 28 to March 31, Decorazon Gallery - New York, NY

  1. 2021  AAF Online Fair, April 9 to May 3, Decorazon Gallery - New York, NY

  2. 2022  Art Market San Francisco, April 21 to April 24, SimonBreitbard Fine Arts - San Francisco, CA

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