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B. 1956 USA

My work is shaped by my environmental concerns and has most recently focused on the subject of flowers and houseplants. I feel that our relationship as humans to the natural world is suffused with a romantic longing for connection, leading us to fill our domestic interiors with plants.

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 My work is shaped by my environmental concerns and has most recently focused on the subject of flowers and houseplants. I feel that our relationship as humans to the natural world is suffused with a romantic longing for connection, leading us to fill our domestic interiors with plants. I value plants for their beauty but I am also impressed with how clever they are at adapting to changes in their environment, communicating via their root systems and developing characteristics that ensure their survival. Despite this apparent resiliency, plant species are disappearing at an extinction rate that is 500 times faster than they would be without human influence.  Some of them exist only as commercially grown products in gardening centers, their counterpoints in the wild long vanished. 


In this recent series of paintings, I use images of plants that are extinct or very rare or who are simply strange hybrids that spring from my imagination. They are either depicted as part of an imaginary greenhouse where they are being sheltered or as voids surrounded by the noise and chaos of the outside world.  These scenarios can also be seen as reflecting our own precarious position within the ecosphere. Does the noisy external world of the artificial now exist more vividly in our day-to-day reality than our memory of our very fragile and necessary natural environment? Will future generations experience the natural world from within the environment of sheltering greenhouses, where plants cross-breed and hybridize, creating specimens that no longer have any practical characteristics?


These works on paper and panel are made with acrylic, utilizing graphite and collage elements made with paper that I hand paint as well as vintage maps, fabrics and other ephemera. 




Selected Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

2019 Teresa Stanley: Eden Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO 

2018 Teresa Stanley: Reservoir  Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA 

2017 Teresa Stanley: The Water Seekers  HSU Third Street Gallery, Eureka, CA 

2015 Teresa Stanley: Paintings  Annex Gallery, CSU Sacramento  

Teresa Stanley: The Mid-Day Garden Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, California 

2012 Teresa Stanley: New Paintings Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, California

Teresa Stanley: Treasure 555 California Street Lobby, San Francisco, 

Teresa Stanley: Treasure 199 Fremont Street Lobby, San Francisco

2011 Teresa Stanley: New Paintings Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, California

2009 Teresa Stanley: Paintings Piante Gallery, Eureka, California

2006 Teresa Stanley: Works on Paper 2004-2006 Stellar Somerset Gallery, Palo Alto, California

2004 Teresa Stanley: New Paintings   Stellar Somerset Gallery, Palo Alto, California                      

2003  Leslie Price/Teresa Stanley New Paintings   Humboldt State University,                 First Street Gallery

2002 Off the Canvas: Geometry and Space Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont, California

1998 Teresa Stanley: Moving Pictures Pence Gallery, Davis, California

Teresa Stanley/Stephanie Peek:  3-D Painters Modesto Junior College Art Gallery, Modesto, California

1997 Teresa Stanley: Recent Paintings Carnegie Museum, Eureka, California

1996 Teresa Stanley:  New Paintings and Drawings Reese Bullen Gallery, Humboldt State University

1991 Introductions 91:  Teresa Stanley and Shelley Jordan  William Sawyer Gallery, San Francisco, California


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 Then and Now Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA (online)

Solid Ground LaFontsee Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

Wild Lands Jen Tough Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico (online)

2019 Hold Dear, LaFontsee Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

Revive  LaFontsee Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

Open Ended  LaFontsee Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

2018 Common Threads, Clay and Canvas Gallery, Eureka, CA

Coalesce LaFontsee Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

2017 The Art of the Flower  Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO  group invitational

William Rainey, Theresa Robinson, Robert Roth, Teresa Stanley 4-person exhibit

Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2016 HSU Staff and Faculty  Haldan Gallery, South Lake Tahoe Community College

2014-17 San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art  Connect & Collect, San Jose, CA

2014 Parallel Play  Prographica Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2013 Botanically Inclined  Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, California 

2012 Affordable Art Fair  Los Angeles (with Anelle Gandleman Fine Art,  NY)

Art: Hamptons International Art Fair, New York (with Anelle Gandleman Gallery, NY)

2011 Abstraction  Piante Gallery, Eureka, CA  

Affordable Art Fair  NYC (with Anelle Gandleman Fine Art, NY)

Introduction Group Show K. Imperial Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Art Fair (with Bryant Street Gallery) SF, CA

2010 Faculty Exchange Exhibit California State University, Stanislaus

2008 Red Dot Art Fair, New York, New York (with Bryant Street Gallery)

2nd Biannual Exhibition of Small Work Todd Gallery, Middle Tennesee State University.  Juror Dave Hickey (catalog)

2007 10th Anniversary Art Exhibit   Golden Foundation for the Arts, New Berlin, New York (catalog)

2005 The Art of the Small Painting Stellar Somerset Gallery, Palo Alto, California

2003 African Artists/American Artists American Embassy, Nairobi, Kenya 

Artists Council 34th Annual National Juried Exhibition Palm Springs Desert Museum                                                                 



2019 Manifest Gallery, “International Painting Annual No. 9”  an exhibition in print (hardcover book)

2018 Murphy, Rachel and Weber, Dalton “The Water Seekers”  (exhibition catalog)

2016 Studio Visit Magazine Summer 2016, Open Studio Press

Woven Tale Press  Volume IV, No. 8 October 2016

2010 Reyner, Nancy  Acrylic Innovations: Styles and Techniques of 64 Visionary Artists Northlight Books, October 2010

2010 Studio Visit Magazine  Volume 11, Summer 2010, Open Studios Press

2010 Humboldt State University Faculty Exchange Show CSU Stanilaus (catalog)

2008 Nuell, Lon, Hickey, Dave “12 x 12 Tennessee State University” (exhibition catalog)

2007 Murray, Mary E.  “Golden Foundation for the Arts 1997-2007” (catalog for the 10th  Anniversary Exhibition)

2004 Stellar, James  “Teresa Stanley: Paintings”  (catalog)

2003 Robertson, Gwen  “Teresa Stanley: Keyholes” (exhibition catalog)


Selected Bibliography

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1994 Wilson, Sally, “The Big Picture”  Diablo Arts Magazine   Dec/Feb 1994



M.F.A., University of California, Berkeley

M.A.   San Francisco State University

B.A.   University of California, Santa Barbara



2009 Ingrid Nickleson Trust individual artists grant

2003  Samuel E. and Adele Golden Foundation Individual artist grant

2001 Humboldt State University Emeritus Faculty grant 

1996 Humboldt State University Affirmative Action mini-grant 

1997 2nd Place Award, Exemplary Contemporary, U.C. Santa Cruz

Juror:  Peter Gordon, Head Curator, San Jose MOMA

1986 S.E.C.A. award nominee, SF Museum of Modern Art

1977 U.C. Art Affiliates Award for Excellence in Painting


Professional Memberships/Affiliations

2020-22 Artists Alliance/Jen Tough Gallery

2021-22 Visionary Arts Collective, directory of international artists

2020-22 All She Makes, directory of international women artists


Professional Experience

2021-22 Guest Lecturer, Catalyst Art Labs, Chicago, Illinois

1991-2020 Professor, Art, Humboldt State University

1989-91 Lecturer, Art, San Francisco State University


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