B. 1968 CANADA

The random collaboration of old and new is important to me because this is how I see the new generation. It is the mixture of traditional and unconventional that attracts us and takes us on a fresh new journey.

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Canadian-born artist Ramona Nordal began her art exploration at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here she studied lithography, color theory, painting and drawing with a focus on anatomy drawing and painting. Color theory has always been a huge part of Nordal’s process and she is quickly becoming known for her richly evocative color palette. The central theme that unites all of her work is the mixture of the traditional with the unconventional. Her work is a representation of her interest in the human form mixed with unconventional techniques found in pop art culture and new contemporary art. Nordal is hyper aware of art's relationship with human emotion and her subjects reflect this as they captivate you and entice you into their world. Her work can be found in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong and Europe.

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2022 Jan5   Unify Group Show    The Think Box Gallery   Naples, FL

2021  Dec 10 Gelée Royale  Gallerie Rompone   Cologne, Germany

2021  Sept 25 Facts And Fiction  Virgil Catherine Gallery   Illinois, USA

2020  Nov 7 Festival Of Smalls   Art Interiors  Toronto, ON


2020  Oct 24  Unplugged   James Oliver Gallery Philadelphia

2019  Nov 30 - Dec 31   19 Karen Gallery, Gold Coast Australia


2019  May 16 - July 21  Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach


2019  Mar 28 - 31  Affordable Art Fair, New York, USA


2019  Feb 21 - 24  The Artist Project, Toronto, ON


2018  Dec - Feb- 19 Karen Gallery, Gold Coast Australia


2018  Oct Group Show, Crescent Hill Gallery, Toronto, ON


2018  Apr ArtExpo New York, New York, NY


2018  Mar Group Show, Crescent Hill Gallery, Toronto, ON

2018  Feb  The Artist Project, Toronto, ON

2017  Dec Den Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait

2017  Nov  One Of A Kind Christmas Show, Toronto, ON

2017  Sept Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto, ON

2017  July The Independents Show, Toronto, ON

2017  Apr TICP Gala Fundraiser, Toronto, ON

2017  Mar One Of A Kind Show, Toronto, ON

2017  Feb The Artist Project, Toronto, ON

​2017  Feb Twist Gallery, Toronto, ON

​​2016 July 22 - 25  Pines 2016  Auction, New York

​2016  June 22 - July 6 Gallerie 203, Montreal, QC

​2016  Mar Todmorden Mills Papermill Gallery, Toronto ON

 2016  Feb 18 - 21 The Artist Project, Toronto ON

2015  July 13 - 26 The Spoke Club Gallery Toronto ON

2015  June 6 - 7  Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto ON

2015  May 20  The Advocates Society, Toronto ON

2015  Feb 19 - 22 The Artist Project, Toronto ON

2015  Feb 14 The Snowflake Ball, Gatineau QC

2015  Jan 9 - 1, Inclusive Design Institute, Toronto ON

2014  Dec 11 - 17  Gallery DeGoede, Toronto ON

2014  Dec 6 - 31  Project Gallery, Toronto ON

2014  Staunch The Exhibit, Gallery DeGoede, Toronto ON

​2014  Aug 14- 20 - Project Gallery, Toronto ON