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Walnut Orange Wall Sculpture (Can be hung vertically or horizontally)

4.9" X 16" X 5.5"

Resin and WalnutWood



Thomas is interested in creating complex compositions out of elements that overlap each other, through a variety of planes which make the viewer’s eye constantly travel through the image, moving from one imaginary space to the other.  Built upon each other, layers can be perceived as autonomous abstractions, or dependent elements which create new and convoluted images.  Thomas has long worked with the intrinsic relationship between color and light to produce optically charged works that challenge our perception of space and color.  Her paintings interact with the space in which they are exhibited and connect the viewer within their reflective qualities.  Depth pulls the viewer in while the many reflections push the viewer out, inspiring audiences to ponder, imagine and feel.


Thomas’ works tempt us to slow down, and not take in facts too quickly as we are trained to. They also speak of places undiscovered, but at the same time comforting and familiar, sparking our memories of a place we feel we have been before but cannot quite recall the details.


Thomas grew up in Iran and moved to San Francisco Bay area in late 70s, she now lives and works in Newport Beach California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. 



Walnut Orange- FARA THOMAS

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