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30"W x 42"H x 1.5" D


Voyager5 is a large Mixed Media Wall Sculpture. It was constructed from 2 layers of MDF board with solid African mahogany, wood stain and acrylic paint. Voyager5 is at once retro and modern. Geometric lines and hard edge paint almost suggest the atomic age, yet the aged mahogany prevents it from being too futuristic (As aluminum or another modern metal would). I wanted to create a piece that looks at once, futuristic and retro. Similar to the industrial and furniture designs of Mid Century Modern movement. Yet while it appears like it could belong in the 1950's space race, the mahogany hardwood and grain texture pulls it back to earth and provides warmth.

The name Voyager II came from two things. One my son said it looked like a spaceship. Secondly, it is a nod to one of my favorite artists, the abstract artist Harvey Quaytman whose minimalist geometric painting also named Voyager inspires me every day.

Voyager5 comes ready to hang with wire installed. It is finished with Liquidtex Semi-gloss Varnish and the sides are finished.


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