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25"W x 48"H x 1.5" D



"Tonka III" is the last piece in a 3 piece series of monochromatic wall sculptures. Tonka III features a matte metallic gunmetal (Blue steel) finish made from automotive enamel. The result is a stunning metallic surface that absorbs light and looks extremely rich and luxe. Four different levels of depth and thicknesses on the piece allow for striking shadows when spotlights are used to light the piece. The pinlines are metallic Champagne and red. Finally, the name "Tonka" comes from the inspiration for these pieces. The pieces are meant to abstractly resemble Native American dancers dressed in monochromatic deerskin outfits. I tried to capture the send of movement and elegance in a modern cubist manner.

Note: The color of this piece is very tricky to photograph. Because it is automotive enamel, the paint color changes depending on the angle you are viewing the piece and the ambient light hitting it. Sometimes it looks blue, sometimes it looks charcoal or grey. Inside without light, it looks darker, but in natural light it seems blue-ish steel. It makes for a very cool surface but very hard to show in photos.

Each piece is wired to hang.




$4,400.00 Regular Price
$3,740.00Sale Price
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