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23"W x 30"H x 1.5" D


SSB5 (Shou Sugi Ban) is a modern mixed media wall sculpture made from MDF, enamel, lacquer and stained shou Sugi ban pine wood. The pine was charred and then brushed back to create an amazing textured wood surface. It is an ancient Japanese way of beautifying and preserving wood that I incorporated into this series of pieces. There are 6 pieces in the series. 3 with one color palette, 3 with a different palette. This is the fifth in the Primary Series. The piece is a bold striking sculptural piece that offers a striking juxtaposition between the clean modern bold colors and the organic wood tones. The result is a modern yet grounded piece that with brighten any area with a mid century modern vibe. This series can be purchased and hung as one, two or three pieces depending on your needs.


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