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24"W x 24"H x 1" D


"Outlier" is a modern, minimalist, wood wall sculpture made from birch, washed and metallic acrylic and finished with furniture wax. The paint has been sanded back on the edges of the shapes to provide an elegant "outline" of the individual pieces which are mounted on a metallic gold backer. The gold shows through between the pieces and in the negative space. This piece started in 2018 and I grew frustrated with the piece. I set it aside and recently discovered it behind some other pieces in the studio. With fresh eyes I pulled it out and finalized it in 2020. The name "Outlier" comes from the fact that I traditionally do not work in a black monochromatic palette (This is my only piece in solid black), so it is perhaps a slight variation of my normal work which was two years in the making. The result I think, is an elegant, striking and introspective piece which can command the space with a modern chic.


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