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48" X 48"  Acrylic and Persian tea on Canvas - 2016


My paintings are not about how I see the world, but how I feel about it. This emotional vision is sparked by something remembered—an experience, place or person, past or present, real or imagined.  Sometimes it’s something really simple, like remembering the taste of my grandmother’s cupcakes as a child or the sensation of warm sand and the smell of the ocean at a particular place and point in time. And so the conversation begins.


The idea or essence of a painting is brought to life entirely during the creation process. I lay down gestural marks without considering what role they will play in the final composition. Many are obscured as the painting progresses, but they are an integral part of the dialogue, part of the story. Other marks stay hidden until I find them and give them life.


In a way, my paintings are autobiographical, the repetitive shapes a language, telling my life story on canvas..

Leftovers- SOFIE SWANN

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