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Mixed media on Paper. 22"x30"” (unframed)


Many painters create texture upon their canvases by building layer upon layer of paint; with each layer comes a greater sense of history and dimension within the work. Others using thickening agents to almost sculpt their paint, spreading it thickly upon their work’s surface for a subtle 3D effect. I have chosen a unique route to enrich his acrylic paintings with texture: embroidery.

I choose the colors I wish to incorporate in the palette of the work I'm about to embark upon.

To me, the colors represent people, moments or feelings.I paint with acrylic in various blocks of color interacting with one another, evolving a pattern upon his canvas or paper.


This process of embroidering on canvas or paper adds both intrigue and a sense of depth to each unique work. Just as a poet builds words to form metaphor or meaning, the artist builds texture through embroidery to form depth and character.



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