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38"W x 40"H x 1.8" D.  Enamel, Acrylic and Wax on MDF.  Duster is a modern, subtle and minimalist wall sculpture. Made from layers of paint which are sanded back and added repeatedly, the distressed surface looks translucent as different colors and shades are revealed below the surface and the edges. The top coat is an off white shade finished with pearl wax which adds to the modern rustic feel of the piece. The top waxed coat is then burnished with a steel trowel to add a silver beaded texture. This piece, as with all of my pieces, addresses new versus old, modern and the definition of modern in a retrofuturist manner which offers a nostalgic look to the past. The name popped in my head while I was producing the work and I just felt it was perfect for the piece. The piece comes with wood cleats and they should be used due to the weight of the piece.


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