36" x 36"

acrylic and alcohol based paint on canvas


Ugo Nonis was born and raised in Paris to a French mother and Italian father - he moved to America in his adolescence.


Nonis began painting over a decade ago after a robust 15 year career as a graphic designer.  His early visual education stemmed from the video games of his youth where technology, storytelling, dynamic colors, pixels and primitive 3D, influenced how he interpreted the world, and now how he paints. He has come to show his pieces all over the world including in Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Spain, Texas, Las Vegas and New Zealand.

Nonis’ paintings have grown and developed from signature black and white streams of consciousness to bold colored precise shapes, complex curves with color and pyramidal polygons. Although abstract, each piece carries the weight of a different moment he has experienced - a love he has lost, an homage to a childhood memory, a place he has been, something he saw, something he felt - his life story is accessible.

He remains in a constant state of awe, reveling in the mystery of art making, marveling at the unexpected places each piece ends.

DotPunk#0006- UGO NONIS