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48" X 48" X 6" 


PYRITE SERIES:This series by Chloe Hedden and Bill Hedden explores the growth forms of the mineral pyrite. Pyrite or 'fools gold' grows in organic ever expanding interconnected cubes. This father daughter duo creates free standing and wall sculptures out of the wood 'paulownia' inspired by Sarah Hedden's (Chloe's sister) dedication to Japanese Tea Ceremony. Paulownia is the official wood of Sarah's school of tea and it has some very desirable attributes for sculpture, namely that it is lightweight, yet very fine grained so that it takes detail well. It is also abundant and fast growing. The artists create solid cubes or hollow boxes out of wood and then carefully interconnect them in a complex and painstaking joinery process. Essentially, the sculptures grow in a way that mimics the natural crystals while bringing these tiny minerals into a larger than life scale. The final result is painted and finished in precious metal leaf: 18k Gold, 24k Gold, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold or Copper. For the viewer, this coating of metal creates beautiful effects with light as it is ever changing from all angles and reflects its surroundings. Especially interesting are the areas of amplified light where shadows glow. Natural imperfections in the leaf create a Wabi Sabi effect. 'Show Facets' of the sculpture are also enhanced with exotic hardwoods or shell, many of which have been in the artist’s possession for decades. The final result is geometric while still feeling organic, opulent but earthy.

Copper Pyrite- CHLOE HEDDEN

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