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48" x 36"  x 1.5"  Mixed Media  on gallery wrapped canvas

Can be hung vertically or horizontally.


Tricia Strickfaden's newest Urban Organic, Free Organics and Modernist  series  show mid-century modern influences, in vibrant colors with fluid, organic and geometric shapes combined with linework. The pieces show principles of modern design, composition and texture, translucent and opaque color, in a mix of materials. It’s created with multiple layers, allowing shapes to overlap, push behind and pull forward, making the composition interesting and dynamic. 

The artist finds inspiration everywhere in nature, art, design, architecture and everyday life. Modern masters such as Picasso, Pollock, Rothko and many others, as well as current modern artists have been greatly influential. As a former interior designer, she keeps up with leading-edge design trends and color palettes. Her personal taste in style and design has evolved over the years, which is reflected in the evolution of her paintings. LA’s hip, urban, yet fresh and casual lifestyle has a profound effect on this more modern series.


Strickfaden is constantly perfecting her art, always pushing, changing, and trying new approaches to her work. It’s the “happy accidents” which occur that make the work so refreshing and real. It’s that process that defines her as an artist.


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