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48" x 48"  x 2"  Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


Kurt Herrmann on his Color Bomb Series-  


"I want the Color Bombs to be beacons of positivity that can radiate across the room or whisper quietly beside you. I love the freedom and openness of color. These works don’t bring any baggage or hidden agenda. They present a platform for each viewer to experience on their own. They are directly linked to my love of jazz and the trajectory of the soloing improviser. I want the Color Bombs to have form – to be earthbound, but to also venture out to where things are felt and not necessarily seen. To be ecstatic and full of verve and edge – like a saxophone exploding out of nowhere, or the sublime wail of a guitar rattling the windows. But these works also search for silence and quiet, and all the notes not played. They are like songs composed of shape and line that bask in the presence of absolute color representing nothing but themselves."


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