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57"W x 63"H x 2" D


Achtung III is a vibrant large-scale mixed media wall sculpture. Made from solid American cherry hardwood and with painted layers of MDF finished with satin lacquer. This piece was inspired by mid-century modern design in both color and form. The color palette came directly from 1950's graphics on a book titled "Business and Society" by Joseph McGuire. The bold red/orange/purple/burgundy/white and black colors combined with the natural cherry wood grain to suggest this time period. The juxtaposed angles and colors create a surprising sense of both forward movement and calm. I am very influenced by Frank Stella's early work as well as other minimalists and modernists. As for the name, Achtung III, while there is a lot going on in this piece, it somehow has a zen-like effect in the room. Like the eye of a storm. It will be the focal point of any space, yet it manages to not overpower. This is the third piece in the series, each featuring a different color palette. The other two pieces are sold (one a private collector and one to The View II at Temple University).


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