B. 1965 USA

"Materials that I find in garage sales, estate sales and antique stores serve as the raw materials for much of my work. I feel like these bits and pieces have been stuck in the dark in these places, and I get to uncover them like an archaeologist combining them with others to give them new life and unforeseen purpose."


Glen works mainly in collage utilizing mostly older materials collected over time. The eclectic nature of old books, brochures, images and documents that reveal the passage of time help to inform Glen’s work. These bits and pieces that have been stuck in the dark, aging on shelves and collecting dust, are uncovered and combined, giving them new life. With them he creates works that travel through decades past, present and future.


This handmade, layered version of time travel serves as a central theme in his work. Glen also inherited a box of old ledgers and documents from his late aunt’s insurance agency, and these have found their way into many of his pieces. Garage and estate sales also aid in providing him with the raw material for his work.

Glen believes art should be something that is beautiful in its own way and interesting on the surface, while inviting the viewer deeper into each piece, challenging them to discern meaning for themselves. Much of his work displays a subconscious reckoning with his past, often revisiting childhood. This work crosses the boundary between past, present and future, acting as that artistic time travel mechanism, taking viewers on a expedition of discovery.