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Kurt Herrmann is a painter from the mountains of Pennsylvania who does both figurative and abstract work, but above all he is a colorist at heart.

About The Undies Series


"What started with a fascination for Paul Cezanne’s “The Bather” painting from 1885 has morphed into a play on the silly, absurd, and fun life that is sometimes hidden beneath our clothes. In Cezanne’s painting is a man in a swimsuit and the shape of that suit has stuck in my head for years. With this series I simply made the short jump from swimsuits to UNDIES. I like that these works ride the line between pure abstraction and loose representation. They are suggestive of the figure but shape and color command the space. But I want these works to be fun and playful as well. And it’s good to be reminded that even with the most austere façade something exotic and otherworldly might be lurking right beneath the surface."

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