B. 1973 MEXICO

There is a certain sadness inherent in the designs that I see left abandoned on sidewalks and walls. It’s true that I don’t notice every stain on the ground, but the ones I do notice are usually in places that have a significance in my life.

Erika Gehringer

The subject matter varies from the sentimental to the quotidian. One of my paintings was inspired from the textures I photographed on the side of the church where my grandmother got married in Mexico City. Another one was created from the stains on the sidewalk outside of the place where I get my coffee every day. My work is rooted in these designs and inspirations. I photograph the designs and use them as the foundation for my work. As soon as they are projected onto a canvas and given color, these remnants have the chance to become new again; to be seen and heard. They tell the story of how they came to be; they bear witness to events that had been relegated to the past. A moment in someone’s story, which was once forgotten, and often overlooked, has the opportunity to be again.