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B. 1973 MEXICO

There is a certain sadness inherent in the designs that I see left abandoned on sidewalks and walls. It’s true that I don’t notice every stain on the ground, but the ones I do notice are usually in places that have a significance in my life.

Erika Gehringer

The subject matter varies from the sentimental to the quotidian. One of my paintings was inspired from the textures I photographed on the side of the church where my grandmother got married in Mexico City. Another one was created from the stains on the sidewalk outside of the place where I get my coffee every day. My work is rooted in these designs and inspirations. I photograph the designs and use them as the foundation for my work. As soon as they are projected onto a canvas and given color, these remnants have the chance to become new again; to be seen and heard. They tell the story of how they came to be; they bear witness to events that had been relegated to the past. A moment in someone’s story, which was once forgotten, and often overlooked, has the opportunity to be again.





University of the Arts, Art Education Department, Philadelphia, PA

Master of Arts in Teaching Visual Arts. Graduated December 2005.


Ramapo College of New Jersey, School of Contemporary Arts, Mahwah, NJ

Bachelor of Arts: Painting/Drawing Major. Graduated May 1996. 




The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY, July 22-25, 2021


Empathy is Constructed, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, April - June,2021


Wonderlost Solo Show, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, February– March, 2021 


The Conversation Continues, Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, Trenton, NJ, September 26th - November 15th, 2021


Window Show, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, June, 2020


Different Visions Group Show, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, December 2020


Conversations, Art Times Two Gallery, Princeton, NJ, May - October, 2019


Inspired: Small Works by Gallery Artists, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Dec. – Jan., 2019


Curtis Art Show, Curtis Building, Philadelphia, PA, August 2018


Handwritten Solo Show, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, July 4 - 29, 2018


Muse @40 Group Show,  Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, December 2017


Westfield Gala, Cinnaminson, NJ, May 2017


Through a Woman’s Eye, Haddonfield Fortnightly, Haddonfield, NJ, February 2017


Philly Arts Collective, Philadephia, PA, January 22, 2017


Lume Creative Solo Show, Philadelphia, PA, July, 2016




Haddonfield Middle School, Haddonfield, NJ, Art Teacher, 2007-Current


Art in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Artist in Residency, 2006




Muse Gallery • Member • 2017-current


A Million Smocks • Co-Founder • 2005

Non-profit organization devoted to providing free art supplies and/or free art instruction

to underprivileged individuals.


NAEA/PAEA • Member since 2004  

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